Would You Prefer to Be BOSS or a LEADER?


There is a huge difference in a boss and a leader. I have had several bosses but not that many true leaders. Here is the difference between the two.

A boss is a demanding blowhard. He/She is bent on power and loves to lord it over the subordinates. He expects them to bow down. He is a bully and uses intimidation, threats and, force to get his employees to do what he wants.

She has to literally make her subordinates carry out her wishes because although they would never tell her, the subordinates secretly do not respect her and naturally resist her demands.

A Leader is sincere and is a team player. He works with subordinates in order to get the job done and get it done correctly. He is never a show-off and doesn’t toot his/her own horn.


She treats her subordinates with respect because she knows that in order to get people to do what she needs, she must treat them with respect and kindness.

A Boss browbeats and degrades his workers when they make a mistake. He’s arrogant and lets his position go to his head.

A Leader is down to earth. He addresses the employee who made the error, yet gives that person positive reinforcement or constructive criticism. He gets his point across simply by having a great attitude toward his workers and being calm and level-headed. A leader refers to his subordinates as “people I work with”. Notice the word “with”

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A Leader will work with you. A Boss will make sure the whole company knows that he is “over” you.

A Leader is strong, competent and has impeccable people skills.

A Boss is a weak windbag and bumbling idiot who has to trumpet his own importance and authority to get others to notice and it often has an undesired outcome.

A Leader will roll up his sleeves and help his people when a task is overwhelming. He doesn’t mind hard work. He will help you out when you’re having difficulty completing a task and he will work just as hard as you to help you finish the job.


A Boss is useless and lazy. He will only stand over you, barking orders and watching you struggle. And he will do it complete with arms folded across the chest, legs wide apart and sour look or smirk on the face. He may even secretly take pleasure in seeing the subordinates struggle.

People are drawn to leaders, enjoy working with them, and love them. On the other hand, people despise bosses and will cross a busy street if necessary to avoid them.

People are also more than happy to do what the leader wants because the leader always makes them feel valued. The leader naturally has others eating out of his hand with very little effort, whereas the boss only gets resistance from others and people will do the exact opposite of what he wants because the boss makes people feel low and taken advantage of.


A boss isn’t even an afterthought to others but a leader is unforgettable. A boss is a schmuck! A leader is a champion!

Bosses come a dime a dozen but Leaders are very few and far between.

Anybody can be a boss but it takes a very special individual to be a leader.

So, which would you prefer to work for? A boss or a leader? Better yet, which would you rather be? A boss or a leader?






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  1. murisopsis says:

    I worked for 26 years under a bully boss. During that time I was never in a position of authority but I was a leader. People rallied to my defense. I was the one person that was universally trusted. That made things bearable. When I became a member of the “management team” the only thing that really changed was having to do performance evaluations. I never had a problem because people wanted to work with me…

    • cheriewhite says:

      Sounds like you were a born leader! I’m so proud of you. I’ve worked for bosses and for leaders. When you have a leader, you actually look forward to coming to work and you grow to love a supervisor who is a leader! 🙂

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