The Dirty Truth About Cliques and What They Don’t Want You to Know

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People will establish a clique for the sole purpose of excluding others– and for no apparent reason.

Cliques have only one goal, to make their members feel superior to others. Their criteria for “good enough” changes like the weather, and they have no special interests, causes, or abilities.

A clique will exclude someone for reasons as trivial as not wearing name-brand shoes. Tomorrow, the same person may wear name-brand shoes, but the members may exclude them because their hair is too straight or too curly.

You get the point. Cliques exclude people for no logical reason, which only brings me to conclude that their members do it strictly to get psychological benefits- to be mean and to feel like they’re better than someone.

I’m not talking about clubs. Clubs are different in that they promote an interest in a specific hobby or subject- The Math Club, The Music Club, etc. So, naturally, if you didn’t have an interest in Music, you wouldn’t be allowed to join the Music Club, which makes perfect sense.

However, cliques have no real purpose other than to stoke the overstuffed (or bruised) egos of their members. Nothing more. Cliques have no substance behind them. They’re a farce, all about appearances- a mirage.

I want you to realize that anyone who has to establish or join a clique to feel good about themselves obviously doesn’t have much else going for them.


Bullies belong to cliques, always. And they will look for any excuse to attack those on the outside. They then use differences to justify themselves. They must make someone feel bad in order to make themselves feel good.

Sadly, they don’t realize that they only forfeit their chances of meeting people who could be interesting and be great additions to their existences.

If you’ve been rejected by a clique, don’t feel bad. Instead, ask yourself these questions.

Are those frauds even worth knowing?
Are they even on your level?
Would they benefit your life in any way?
Were you really missing anything to begin with?

Understand that, besides the ability to feel better than or superior to others, cliques have no real benefits. They are the same boring people, having the same boring conversations and living the same lackluster lives.

And if being a part of the clique is the only way it’s members can have any excitement in their lives, then wow! They are some miserable souls and you should have pity on them.

Cliques only restrict their members from talking to anyone on the outside and take away the possibility of meeting someone who would make a positive difference in our lives and could actually teach them something.

So, seriously! Who’s missing out here? You or them?

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    • cheriewhite says:

      Yep! I remember them too and have of them were useless. And anyone in the clique wasn’t allowed to associate with anyone outside the group and feared being ousted if they did.

      There’s freedom in not being in one!

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