“TOWNIES, CRONIES, AND HAYSEEDS (Thrust into the Underbelly of Small-Town Politics)”

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Townies, Cronies and Hayseeds

Shannon Crooke McGregor is a widowed mother of four children, living just outside of Tucson, Arizona, and has the life others only dream of having. She is a best-selling author and can make a great living doing what she loves most- writing novels. Every area in her life is close to perfect. Her writing career could not be better; she enjoys closeness with her family and lots of friends who adore her.

However, her life hasn’t always been rosy. Shannon is an adult survivor of vicious and relentless school bullying. How had Shannon risen above it? By moving to a new area to start a new life.

When her grandmother back in Thomasville, Tennessee suddenly dies, and Shannon inherits her grandmother’s two-story Victorian home and property, she must return to the home of her youth and a lot of terrible memories to make the necessary renovations and sell the house.

However, upon returning to Thomasville, Tennessee, she learns that the people who run the town are the bullies who had tormented her in school.

Spending the entire summer there, Shannon notices that most of the people in the town have regressed. And having acquired powerful positions in town, her ex-bullies have only grown more emboldened and evil. She also discovers a secret, illegal operation, and cover-ups. A long-buried memory of the brutal murder of Shannon’s only friend in school resurfaces as a result of a confrontation.

Even worse, Shannon has been carrying a horrible and devastating secret inside of her- a secret not even her children know but are about to find out. And because the townies continue to hold a decades-long grudge against Shannon and fear the possibility that she knows too much, they watch her and the children closely before upgrading to harassment. These unpleasant and frightening circumstances eventually snowball into a cumulative but explosive climax which puts Shannon, her children and her few new Tennessee friends in a race to save their own lives!

Will they make it out of Thomasville alive?

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