The Benefits of Not Belonging to Any Clique


Too many people put entirely too much importance on belonging to a certain clique. However, I want to assure you that you’re not defined by whether or not they are a member of one, and why you’re so much better off.

There is something to be said for not belonging to any particular group because it allows you to have a great degree of freedom. Anytime you are a member of a clique, club, or group, there are restrictions that come with it, one of which is the unwritten rule against associating with anyone outside of that circle.

More often than not, if a member is caught talking to an “outsider”, that person runs the risk of being ostracized and ousted by the other members. In my experience, it just wasn’t and still isn’t worth being prevented from meeting new and possibly interesting and awesome people.

Also, by not belonging to a clique, you are afforded the freedom to think freely. When you are a member of a circle, your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions will most likely have to be the same as those in your group. If they aren’t, you risk being kicked out and/or worse, bullied.

Humiliation and exile

I think this is complete and utter hogwash! There is no reason why you should not be able to associate with anyone you choose. Also, no two people are the same and you should be free to have your own opinions, beliefs and attitudes. Do what makes YOU happy. Stop trying to please or impress your “friends”. Because if you have to suppress yourself in order to have or keep friends, then these people are not friends.

Therefore, never allow a clique, or your desire to be a part of one cause you to pass up opportunities to get to know great people, who might someday prove to be wonderful assets to your life!

And never allow others to restrict you from being your authentic self! If the clique cannot respect and accept your individuality, then you must ask yourself, “Are these people really worth my time?”

0 thoughts on “The Benefits of Not Belonging to Any Clique

  1. Michael Lapointe says:

    I made a conscious effort not be part of a clique in high school. Somehow it repulsed me … but was it because I was an introvert? I certainly didn’t want to ‘follow the crowd’. I noticed as a teenager how one did not have the freedom of who they were. But as a teenager … this made me socially awkward and insecure. I did hang out in a sort of clique … but it were all the people who did not fit into all the other cliques. This group was fairly eclectic in their backgrounds. Also … when not following a clique … especially as an adult in the workplace … I found you were more apt to be a target. In some extremes … a target of bullying. Bullied or not … I still have control of who I am … not some dumb fad or some other superficial reason.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I admire you for your strength, Michael. And you’re right. Bullies target those who are loners. However, you were smart in choosing to hang with other people who were bullied because there’s strength in numbers.

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