9 Ways to Buffer Your Confidence from the Onslaught of Bullying

Businesswoman blamed unfairly

If they destroy your confidence, they’ll destroy your life.

It’s a fact! If your confidence goes, your performance in school, or on the job, your social abilities, everything else will go too.

Think about it. Most bullied people do not do well in school or in the workplace if others do not treat them with fairness and respect, and give them space, opportunity, and freedom to learn and grow. Their performance takes a nosedive.

Anytime someone is bombarded with consistent put-downs, nitpicking, and abuse; their grades suffer because they stop believing in themselves and focus more on protecting themselves then on lessons.

Although we do hear of bullied kids who get mad, dive into schoolwork, and make exceptional grades and honors to compensate for their social failures, or a bullied worker will perform extra well to compensate and prove his coworkers wrong, these people are often the exception to the rule.

So, if you ever encounter bullying, you must guard your confidence and self-esteem with everything you have in you. Because your life truly does depend on it!


Here’s how you protect your self-esteem and confidence:

• Do things you enjoy most.
• Display your talents and gifts.
• Keep company only with people who encourage, respect, and love you the most.
• Be there for others who are suffering.
• Take pride in your appearance, and look your best. Because if you look great, you feel great!
• Make affirmations- “I AM” statements to yourself everyday. “I AM beautiful”, “I AM smart”, “I AM better than what they say”, etc.
• Find a therapist to talk to.
• Tell the people who love you about what you’re going through.
• Whatever you do, Don’t be silent about it!

Don’t you think you’re worth it? I do!

0 thoughts on “9 Ways to Buffer Your Confidence from the Onslaught of Bullying

    • cheriewhite says:

      I totally agree with your comment. Many kids who are bullied at school also come from abusive homes. And when you can’t get away from it, can’t get even a break or rest from it’s especially devastating.

      For a lot of kids, becoming an adult is an escape. Then they must deal with all the bad memories by getting therapy if they ever want to function well as adults. And even then, it’s no guarantee.

      My heart goes out to you.

      • Rethinking Scripture says:

        Thank you Cherie!
        I am fortunate that I came out the other side.
        I know there are those who did not, sought refuge through a needle, at worst taking their own life.
        You are doing all a great service by shining a light on an issue that most ignore.

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