Most Bullies and Cliques Only Peak in High School, Then Become Losers in “The Real World”

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Little Girl Playing in a Kiddie Pool

High school is child’s play- the kiddie pool of life if you will. And most often, graduation means the end of the line for most “popular” bullies and cliques. I say this because most of my former school bullies had their fame in school but are doing very little with their lives today. Most achieve very little as adults, while those who were bullied by these types evolve into remarkable and highly successful adults.

I know this for a fact because I’ve watched as one of my older school bullies got a Nursing degree, then worked as the Director of Nursing in a nursing home. She seemed to be moving up in the world and got handed the most favorable positions. All because she was well-known in the town. (Most of my bullies from school either became nurses, law enforcement, teachers, or went to work in corrections.)

While working her prestigious DON position, she got hooked on prescription pills, and someone caught her stealing out of the medicine cart. The owners of the nursing facility fired her from her job. Next, the state of Tennessee revoked her nursing license. Then her husband divorced her, and she ended up penniless and working in a local cafe for minimum wage. I can only imagine how humbled and humiliated she felt.

karma written on chalkboard

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t secretly wish for anything bad to happen to anyone and I don’t boast of the misfortunes of others- not even those who tormented me in school. I’m merely making the point that Karma does repay eventually, and most of these coddled and babied daddy’s girls and puffed up pretty boys get a colossal letdown once they’re out on their own.

I came to find out that this has happened to many of my former bullies. They bully innocent others like myself during school, then get the comeuppance they never expected as adults.

Here are a few reasons why most of my ex-bullies aren’t very successful:

To be truly successful, a person must leave their comfort zones and face their worst fear- the possibility of failure. Most bullies will never leave the familiar. They’d rather stay in an environment where they continue to get opportunities, promotions, and rewards handed to them by their “town connections,” which, by the way, are only small to mediocre victories.

Most of my bullies never left the one-horse town I was bullied in after high school. Why? Because they knew they wouldn’t get the special treatment and free passes in any other jurisdiction that were generously afforded them in *Oakley. Therefore, they stay where their friends are and where they know that they can get by on nepotism and the “Good Ole Boy System” which rules not only *Oakley, but most tiny Southern towns.


However, here’s the thing about small towns and rural areas. It doesn’t take long, nor does it take much effort to maximize potential in places such as these, even for well-connected bullies and cliques. A person can only go so far in a rural area, so let them have their small town safety net because they’re only playing in the kiddie pool! They would drown in the big pond.

High school is the highlight of most of these people’s lives, so bullies today should enjoy it while they can. Because the real world doesn’t care who you were in high school. Adult life has no concern with how popular you were, whether you were Homecoming Queen, the star of the varsity football team, or on the cheerleading squad. The workplace doesn’t care if you were in a fraternity or sorority or that you were the class president!

All the real world wants to know is whether or not you can contribute something to it and most bullies are as incompetent as they come and add nothing to life but negativity.

I’m very thankful that many of my differences, which were ridiculed by my classmates, are the same characteristics and skills that people today (other than my former classmates) value and admire about me. WHAM! Take that, bullies!


Most of my former bullies live very unsatisfying lives. Many work dead-end jobs they hate and their wages are a pittance. Others have spouses and partners who either abuse them or cheat on them every chance they get. Several more are either incarcerated or stay in trouble with the law. And a good chunk of my former high school class is addicted to alcohol or controlled substances.

I can only feel sorry for my old bullies because most are angry, dissatisfied and bitter forty-somethings. Life didn’t turn out like they thought it would! Which is the reason why the majority of them still bully others- much worse than they ever did in school.

If you are currently a victim of bullying, I want you to know that your time is coming. Don’t commit suicide. Instead, stick around! Because eventually, you will see just how these cowards end up.

They may be having the time of their lives now, and high school may be the bullies’ kingdom. But I can guarantee that it won’t last and your victimization by them will be only temporary as well! Take heart that you and your bullies might end up trading places one day.

High school is only the kiddie pool, while the adult world is the big pond. So, let your bullies rule the kiddie pool. Wouldn’t you prefer to wait to swim in the big pond? I would.

*not the name of the town

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