When a Victim of Bullying Succumbs to Suicide, the Surviving Family Does Not Need Your Judgement!

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I get disgusted when people judge victims of bullying after they reach the breaking point and resort to suicide. I read heartbreaking stories of family members who hear all kinds of cruel remarks.

I’ve even heard a few myself when a local kid dies because of the cruelty of bullies and I wanted to slap the person pointing the finger. Here are a few sickening comments I’ve read or heard:

“That was so cowardly!” or “She was such a coward!”

Right! A person running through the woods from a wild boar would look like a coward to someone sitting safely in a tree.

“Why didn’t he tell anyone? He always kept to himself!”

Of course! Just as an AIDS patient keeps his diagnosis to himself.

“But he was so quiet!”

Still waters run deep.

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Anytime someone is bullied, they are in the fight of their life. Unless you’ve endured it, you have no idea what if can do to you. You cannot even comprehend how it changes you or the intense fear it instills. You can’t fathom how it destroys any future prospects of friendships, relationships, even opportunities for jobs or a college education. Bullying can negatively alter your entire future. And a family who has lost a loved one to suicide is forever devastated.

They will search for answers to questions that will never be answered and long for justice they may never see. When a loved one commits suicide, there is never any closure, only day to day coping. And it’s a terrible way to live. These families do not need your judgement piled on top of everything else they must go through.

What they need is your compassion and a shoulder to lean on. They need the freedom to keep their loved one’s memory alive and to remember the person at their best.

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  1. taurusingemini says:

    It’s always easier, to blame it on the victim, saying that they’re not, strong enough, without being aware, that it’s, because others had, made the individual get pushed beyond a certain point that s/he can no longer, take it anymore…

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