Bullies and The Art of Seduction

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Too many people are under the impression that seduction is only about sex. It isn’t. Seduction, by its very definition, is the ability to influence and persuade- to get others to do what we want and to get what we want.

Sadly, it’s a dirty word. When people think of seduction, think of pick-up artists, con men, swindlers and cheats. This is because most people who are excellent seducers tend to use it for purposes of evil and self-servitude. And let’s face it, no one likes to admit that they’ve been seduced because we all want to believe that we’re smarter than that.

However, the reality is that we are all susceptible to the charms of a master seducer. It happens to people, even those who are intelligent, every day. Why do you think so many teachers and school officials, people who have college degrees, get taken in by sociopathic bullies all the time and seem to blame innocent targets for their own suffering?

On the other hand, we also have the power to seduce, and we do it unconsciously every day. It’s how we survive. However, some are just better at it than others and unfortunately, there are a few who are no good at seducing. Fortunately, seduction can be practiced and learned.

No one is an island. No one! We all need other people to achieve any goal, get to where we want to go, and even to survive. We want to think that we can reach goals solely on our own merit and most of us delude ourselves into believing we can. But this kind of attitude is foolish. Without the know-how to seduce, our education, talents, gifts, skills and abilities will only take us so far.

Do you ever wonder why most seasoned bullies are popular, charming, and always seem to get what they want? Have you ever asked yourself why these people seem to effortlessly win over anyone, including your friends and get them to take sides with them and against you? How these creeps lie so convincingly?

Wait for it! Wait for it! It’s because most bullies are master seducers! Bullies are charming, persuasive, influential, and have superior social intelligence, which is why they can manipulate any social infrastructure, draw people to them like a magnet, and why they mostly get away with their evil behavior. And if the bully has good looks, they have a thing called the halo effect going for them as well. The halo effect is the phenomenon where people naturally trust and favor those with the best physical appearance and sadly for some, it’s human nature.


Most bullies aren’t the dumb Nelson Muntzes or Lucy Van Pelts they’re portrayed as in the movies and on television. All too often, they are experts at seduction and good at gaining friends,followers and allies. So, it shouldn’t be any wonder they can bully with impunity and make the target look like the perpetrator. It should be no surprise that bullies are masters at forcing others against their will to do what they want them to do.

Sadly, most victims of bullying aren’t as socially intelligent and aren’t as good at seduction as their bullies, which is why they mostly get the short end of the stick when it comes to social dynamics. It is also why they are blamed and mistaken for being the bully.

To defeat a bully, you must also learn how to seduce- how to exude the same charm and attractiveness. As I said, we all have seductive powers, even victims of bullying possess those delicious powers, only they haven’t learned how to use them. Most victims of bullying were either never taught to hon those powers, or they were like me and taught that seduction was evil. But the truth is, seduction doesn’t have to be bad! It’s all in how you use it!

Fortunately, it can be learned, and there are many books available that can teach us, one of which is “The Art of Seduction,” by Robert Greene.
If you are a target of bullying at school, in the workplace, family, or community, my suggestion is that you read every book you can get your hands on about ways to be charming and seductive.

I’ll say again. Many people think that seduction and the use of charm is evil. This is because most people who have those gifts use them to do wrong. Seduction and allure do not have to be terrible things. They’re not only how we find life partners, reproduce and ensure the survival of the human race, but also how we find jobs so that we can live. It all depends on how you use them and to what ends.

So, when you learn seduction, use it to protect yourself against bullies and selfish people. But more importantly, use it to help others and to change the world for the better! Us it for good!

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  1. bigskybuckeye says:

    I enjoyed the discussion. As you have noted, there are parallels between bullies and the art of seduction in school settings as well as in other avenues of our lives . . . the workplace, politics, and other places.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much. And you’re right about the workplace. In the workplace, for example, bullies tend to establish high connections and use them for leverage, which awards them promotions. In school, the bully may have kissed up to the teacher, excelled academically or in sports and gotten special treatment, so by the time they get into the workplace, they’re experts at sucking up.

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