In Essence, Bullies Only Hide Behind Their Targets

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Bullies are pathetic, aren’t they? Every time I think of this fun fact, I can’t help but chuckle because I know that deep down inside, bullies of all ages are nothing but scared little punks and punkettes. But what are they so afraid of?

Many things. Bullies are scared of having their weaknesses exposed, of having their sins known, and most of all, losing face. And they should be. They go to great lengths to hide their imperfections and put on an air of gleaming-white perfection. Keeping up appearances is hard work and bullies often resent their victims for their authenticity and not having to work as hard as they do!

To keep up these facades, bullies often project their shortcomings onto their targets or use their victims’ imperfections to distract others’ attention from their own. Projection and Distraction are some of the biggest and most-used tactics of bullies.

Understand that bullies are fake, and to be successful at convincing others that they are invincible and have a perfect life, they have to stay on their toes always. They also tend to exaggerate their own importance, intelligence, and toughness; then live with the risks of being discovered for who and what they indeed are.
Make no mistake about it, underneath the con-act, the bullies I’ve known are the dumbest, most incompetent and inadequate people I know. They are also sniveling cowards at their core.

Why else would they need an innocent victim to hide behind?
If you are a target of bullying and your bullies hide behind you too, know this! They are right where they belong- behind you!

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