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I’ve met all kinds of people in my life, some were totally awesome and others were so hideous you’d have thought they were spawned by the devil himself!

Some were blessings and others were lessons. If I’ve written about you, don’t go off feeling mad or sad. I’ve made you relevant and it only means you’ve made me feel some really deep stuff, good or bad.

As a fiction writer, many of my characters are based on different people I’ve either met or heard stories about.

Much of the story lines and dialogue are based on conversations and stories I’ve heard in doctor’s offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, clubs, public restrooms, the locker room at school, standing in the checkout line in the local supermarket, or from many conversations I eavesdropped on as a kid.

Some are from stuff I’ve seen at school, a few workplaces, online and in public.

I can’t count the times I’ve overheard conversations in a cafe and thought, “Wow! Now this is some really good shit!”, then wrote it all down on a napkin to keep in my purse until I could get to my notebook or computer.

My mind is always writing because I take in everything around me. This can get exhausting but it’s something I love to do!

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