7 Common Tricks of the Cyberbully


Cyberbullying can be bullying of the most devastating kind and for anyone- children, teens and adults alike. This is because attacks are seen by a much wider audience and there’s a high degree of anonymity as cyberbullies are cowards and hide behind fake screen names and profiles to avoid exposure. Here are 7 common tricks they use to cover their own behinds and make you look like the perpetrator.

1. They inbox you with a barrage of insidious messages.
Again, cyberbullies are cowards and fear being detected for the sick creeps they are. So, they use the inbox to unleash their vile attitude onto their victims. Even if you delete the person from your friends’ list, they can still send messages through the inbox.

2. They will tag you in a post, then claim you’re stalking their page.
This happened to me once. Although this is rather obvious (or should be) to others and used by dumber and maybe drunk cyberbullies, it does happen.

3. They rally their friends to troll your page.
Once you hit the “Block” button, watch for an influx of friend requests from people you don’t know or who would otherwise never in a million years “friend” you. This almost always happens just after you’ve blocked a cyberbully.


4. They troll the pages of your spouse, family, and friends.
Cyberbullies do this to seek and gather information about you and those you’re closest to, which is then used as either ammunition to defame you, make fun of you, or to attack those you love.

5. They create hurtful, degrading and humiliating memes of you.
Cyberbullies do this to intimidate and embarrass you and to bait others to harass you.

6. They have others (or they do it themselves) to insert images of porn and other disgusting materials onto your timeline.
All designed to cause embarrassment.

7. They copy your profile photo and create duplicate and fake profiles in your name, claiming to be you.
They then send requests to all your family, friends and associates, baiting them to accept. Once the requests have been accepted, the cyberbully then sends your associates deplorable messages or tags them and posts flaming or lewd posts to their timelines in hopes of causing friction between you and the people you care about.

And sadly, there isn’t much anyone can do until better technology is introduced to track down these vile bullies and more robust laws are passed against this practice. What worked for me was staying on top of it, blocking many cyberbullies and deleting any incendiary posts as soon as they appeared. By being vigilant, I was able to preserve my good online reputation.

If they are other tricks which have been used against you and that I have left out, please feel free to comment.

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  1. Lisa Ann Bridges says:

    I have dealt with so many cyber bullies myself having reported them and blocked them. Most recent ones being from a group I’m in for my favorite singers, and those bullies in said group hav attacked me and harassed me, and when I called them out they accused me of being the bully while they acted like the innocent victim when in reality, it’s the other way around, and they have denied being bullies yet they know deep down they are indeed bullies, and they have gotten a lot of others in said group to hate me, attack me and bully me. And there was a group of bullies who I know im my gut had gotten my facebook profile set as a memorial because they had made it clear they wanted me gone therefore reported me as being dead, and prior to that one of the bullies within the group of bullies had nerve to tell me to go kill myself. I didn’t think I could get my profile back, but thankfully after contacting facebook and letting them know about said bullies, i got my profile back and blocked the bullies. ome were even banned from said group, but not all. Some are still in the group, which I don’t understand why,especially the one who told me to kill myself, or those who always have to attack and harass me every chance they get whether on my posts, or on other posts I’ve commented on. I have even been falsely reported and falsely punished in the group by not being able to comment or post for a certain amount of days, which was totally unfair. As of very recent, after an incident where one of the bullies and her friends had once again attacked and harassed me, I haven’t had any issues at all and I’d like to keep it that way.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Lisa, I’m so sorry that you were bullied online. This kind of bullying is especially devastating because the cyberbullies often hide behind fake names and profiles. I have also been cyberbullied and what worked for me was to take screenshots and publicly post on my timeline any profiles of the cyberbullies. I guarantee that if you out them and plaster it all over social media, they will leave you alone. Cyberbullies do not like to be exposed. So, expose them before the whole world, sweetie. Out them! Put them on blast!

      I’m glad that in the end, everything worked out for you! Sending you lots of love and light!

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