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Bullying and School Shootings
By Alan Eisenberg February 19, 2018

Crossing the Line

A few years ago now, I published my book, “Crossing the Line”, which is a fictional account of why a school shooting might take place by a bullied victim. While it is a fictional book, I spent countless hours reading studies and interviews where the shooter was a bully victim looking for revenge or just trying to protect themselves after the mental breakdown that bullying can cause.

This is in no way an excuse for what happens when a school shooting takes place. But we do need to look at the rationalization and change our conversations. With the most recent shooting in Florida, there is no correlation to bullying, but mental health is again a factor. It seems that most of the time it is. Studies have shown a proclivity between bullying and school shooting or bringing a weapon to school.

There are two major issues that seem to come up when a mass shooting happens. One group speaks loudly about gun control and the other speaks loudly about mental health. I feel as though we take extremes, instead of looking to the middle. So, I decided to record a special episode of Healthy U (the podcast) on this subject to share my own personal story with bullying and school violence. It is attached here and I hope you’ll watch it. I would love to hear your own opinion.

Here is the link to Alan’s blog. He is the CEO of Bullying Recovery, an organization which deals with bullying and helps victims. Alan is also a survivor of school bullying. I admire his work in addressing the issue of bullying in schools and the damage it does to our most precious, our children. Alan has a lot of great information and I highly recommend his page and his organization to anyone who is or knows someone who is suffering at the hands of a bully. To watch his podcast, click on the link below:


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