Victims, Just Because Your Bullies Say That You Are Crazy, Doesn’t Mean They Really Think It!

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It was the same with my classmates. No,they never thought I was crazy. What they really thought was that I was weak. The “crazy” moniker was only a tool devised to discredit me and a way to gaslight in attempts of making me doubt my own sanity, which allowed them to cover their own behinds and continue the abuse as they pleased. Bullies never prey on crazy and deranged, they prey on weak and powerless!

Think about this. If you know that someone is, in fact, crazy; would you provoke them? No. You’d get away from that person and you’d STAY away! Anyone would! Because like most, you associate “crazy” with “dangerous”, knowing that the risk of provoking such a person is too high. You wouldn’t poke the proverbial sleeping bear!

Bullies always pursue those they perceive as weak. They’re much too cowardly to risk harassing a lunatic because this type of person usually has no concept of right and wrong and could easily hurt, maim, or possibly kill them and they know it.

The “crazy” label was the easiest for my classmates to use because although they could never prove that I was crazy, they knew that I could never prove that I wasn’t. And although I knew for certain that I wasn’t deranged,no one else knew it for sure because they weren’t me and instead of taking the time to get to know me, they were too busy passing judgement. Sanity is THE hardest to prove (See my article, “The Crazy Label: The Easiest and Most Used Weapon in the Bully’s Arsenal”).

My classmates would provoke me to bait me into a reaction and if they didn’t get the reaction they desired right away, they would continue the torment with increasing frequency and intensity until I became exhausted and broke under the cumulative pressure. They would then look at any witnesses and say, “See There? Do you see??? I TOLD you she was crazy! Look! She just proved it!” (See the Article, “The Three ‘B’s of Bullying: Baiting, Bashing and Blaming).

This, folks, is how bullies do it! They bait you until you’re worn down and you SNAP! Then they bash and blame you, using your perfectly normal reaction as validation of their claims against you! And sadly, others are duped into believing them!

Take this as your guide and use it to call your bullies out! It just may save your life!

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