Bullies Aren’ t Any Better Than Anyone, They’re Just Better at “Faking It”

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If you’re a victim of bullying, I want you to know that regardless of what your bullies may tell you, or what pretty picture they paint of their own (perceived) importance, they are, in reality, no better than anyone else. They’re only “better” at being fake and hiding it. Bullies have to prove themselves to everyone…constantly!

You see, their so-called popularity is based on lies. Bullies are followers…sheep, and they expect everyone else to be the same. Bullies have to lie and put on fronts to be cool, having to work very hard to maintain those fake facades. They’ve been doing this their entire lives and/or have parents who do the same, which is the reason they’re so good at it! Lying and faking only comes natural to them. They hate anyone who has the courage to be their true authentic self. Why? Because they don’t have that courage and are secretly jealous of anyone who possesses it. It takes hard work and consistency to put on an act. Therefore, they must work a lot harder than those who are authentic and they don’t like it!

Oftentimes, bullies will lash out at victims out of desperation when they fear that their facade is crumbling and the real person behind the mask they wear risks being exposed.

Think about it this way, bullies have so much to lose, more to lose than you do. They have no “real” personalities and they know that any day, any moment, you as the victim could expose them (psst! you have the power to expose them for the garbage they really are, you just don’t know it yet). Your blindness to this power is exactly what they count on, which is the reason they go out of their own way to torment you and keep you blind.
Bullies fear losing power over their victims. They’re good at distracting others from their own quirks and flaws by pointing yours out.

As long as they can keep control over you by keeping you trapped in the abyss of low self-esteem and lack of confidence and as long as they can prevent you from regaining confidence, the less chance they have of you standing up to them, exposing them for the cowards they truly are and ultimately turning everyone against them, knocking them straight to the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Folks, bullies truly are just as scared as you are. They’re only better at concealing it! And if you are a victim, I want you to take heart in what I’ve just written here…and USE IT if you must!

This may (or may not) come as a small comfort if you are on the receiving end of harassment and torment at school. But it should. I just tore off the bully’s mask for you!

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