Bullying and Excessive Absences From School

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Every day, tens of thousands of victims stay home from school for fear of being bullied. As a result, grades can plummet and progress suffers. Thirty years ago, I was one of those unfortunate students. Unless one has been on the receiving end of such vicious torment, it is almost impossible to comprehend the torrent of intense fear that washes over you upon getting out of bed in the morning for school.

I experienced the feeling of queasiness in the stomach and lump in my throat many mornings while standing on the street corner and watching the school bus approach…the sweaty palms, the quickened and pounding heartbeat, the shakiness of body, the intense headaches…yes, I went through it all!

It was much safer just to stay home.

When you are a victim of bullying, it is as if you have a target on your back and you are in a constant state of alert! It is impossible to learn when you are in continuous fight-or-flight mode because you are forced to take the focus off of lessons and studies and place it on ways to protect yourself, which is only another factor in the suffering of grades and academic progress.

So I urge each school official who reads this to please ask questions if you notice a student’s grades suddenly drop, or notice that they aren’t participating in class like normal. Ask questions and do it patiently! You never know what this young student might be up against!

He/She just might be a victim of bullies.

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