What the US Presidents, Past and Present Should Teach You if You are a Victim of Bullying

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Every US President, from Kennedy to Reagan to Clinton, from Bush, Obama to Trump, they all had bullies and enemies. They all had people who talked bad about them, they all had “haters”, with Clinton and Trump, being perhaps the two worst talked-about presidents. And the thing is, these presidents were considered “highly successful” and “exceptional” people. They had to be to hold such esteemed positions as President of the United States of America.

This should be proof that anytime someone says negative things about you, or bullies you, that it really is NOT about you. If such high ranking officials get verbally assaulted everyday, even by the news media, then you must know that everyone…EVERYONE has people who hate them. And because they get bullied, doesn’t mean they are in any way defective.

Remember that bullies want you to believe that you are less than and want to convince others of this too. It is no different in Washington, DC anytime an election rolls around or when a new president takes office. It’s like this with all office holders. The difference is that they “choose” not to let any of it bring them down and they go on to do their jobs as they see fit, despite having a barrage of the most malicious insults and criticism thrown in their directions.

The moral of this is: If presidents get bullied and they’re able to see through the lies and know their own worth, then naturally, you should too. You are not a wimp, crazy, loser or whatever they call you. Presidents have been called the worst names in the English Language, yet they still know their value and kept pushing their agendas because they know in their hearts that they are neither of these things. You can be the richest, most successful, most beautiful, and most awesome and still have people who look down on you. Therefore, you should know also that YOU…are not what your bullies call you. You don’t have to change for anyone. Stay your true, awesome self! You’re worth it!

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