Facebook Sinks to All-Time Low by Allowing Murder to be Posted Live

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During the last few days, I have seen news reports of how “Stevie Steve” Stephens murdered an elderly Ohio man in cold blood, at random and telling everyone to blame his estranged girlfriend for the act. What’s even more sinister is the fact that he did it live on Facebook. Even more atrocious is that Facebook ALLOWED the video to be publicly posted! I don’t know how long the video had been public, nor am I sure how many sets of eyes viewed it before they decided to take it down, all I know is that it was seen all over the globe.

How is it that we’ve gotten so desensitized over the years that people actually view murder as entertainment? How can Facebook allow such garbage to be posted publicly, knowing that the man had family who would more than possibly see it and that there are millions of children who also use them and other social media vehicles every day?

I’ve personally seen Facebook try to dictate to certain people what they can and cannot post. Surprisingly, however, the people Facebook censors are mostly people whom spread good news, positive posts, and whom never post anything harmful, threatening or lewd. So many of my friends in the Bullying Awareness Movement are being restricted, yet Facebook allows this creep to video himself slaying another human being! It seems that Facebook are only hypocrites whom continue to hold so many others to a double-standard.

I believe that Facebook is in dyer need of government regulation, limitation and stiffer competition through the development of a new and more wholesome social media platform. Too many highly inappropriate posts and videos are being posted on Facebook and too many psychopaths and freaks are given free passes by Facebook to post any garbage they want…posts and vids which anyone with any class and/or sense would never read or watch. Yet they advertise this garbage in the suggested sites navigation pain, even if you have never and would never go to these sites. If I was the type of person who wanted to see images of death and murder, I would go to rotten dot com (notice I didn’t post it as a link. Not on my blog!)

Sure, I use Facebook just as everyone does these days. However, I do see serious issues with this social media giant, which need to be addressed. I believe that we should be given better choices as to what we view. I also believe that Facebook needs to have a more robust moderation team, which evaluates posts BEFORE they are posted and they need to think about the millions of children who are on the grid and use good judgement. Once they do this, they just might be able to redeem themselves and become a better platform, therefore preventing children from seeing inappropriate posts for their age-groups and preventing families, like the family of the elderly Ohio man, from seeing the most horrible and unthinkable crimes against their loved ones. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Robert Godwin.

0 thoughts on “Facebook Sinks to All-Time Low by Allowing Murder to be Posted Live

  1. Anticyberbullying (@acybercafe) says:

    Facebook is increasingly becoming a problem and they have perhaps the worst feedback/report system on the internet. We have seen child pornography posted by people and Facebook’s refusal to remove it or delete the person’s FB page. We have seen countless people viciously attacked on Facebook and nothing done about it. We have seen things like what you described reported to Facebook and they won’t do a thing about it. Frankly Facebook in a lot of ways is evil. That doesn’t mean every person on there is bad but the bad outweighs the good in many times. People also need to learn to only use it sparingly, no more than say 30 minutes a day and otherwise stay off of it.

  2. cheriewhite says:

    I totally agree with everything you mentioned. In my opinion, Facebook has gotten “too big” for their britches and they sorely need to be regulated. They have been granted too much power and as we already know, too much power can corrupt.

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