The Positive Side to Having a Few Enemies

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What I’m about to tell you may sound strange to some and leave them scratching their heads. It did the same to me when my grandmother discussed the same with me in the car on a cold and rainy afternoon as we were coming home from shopping at the mall so many years ago. She said, “There is a bright side to having a few enemies.”

Being a teenager, I gave her a puzzled look and asked, “What could possibly be so good about that?” Now that I’m older, I understand what she was saying and I admire her for the wisdom she passed onto me.

Enemies can unwittingly teach us what to look out for in the future when we meet new people. From enemies, we learn to watch for a certain demeanor, mannerisms, body language, facial expressions and gestures. In doing this, they ultimately teach us ways to avoid people who pose a threat to our progress and physical and psychological well-being and who mean us harm.

More importantly, enemies also teach us to better appreciate the people who love us and to show unwavering and patient love to our loved ones AND to ourselves.

Our foes can also keep us. They can unknowingly motivate us to succeed in life and become better people. They can drive us to make more friends and excel in everything we do. Enemies keep us on our toes and can be used as the fuel that drives us to our dreams and ambitions. Just ask Kate Winslett. She used her enemies as her determination to reach her goals.

Enemies don’t have to be a bad thing. My enemies are my motivation! Always use your enemies and their evil games to your advantage. I am living proof that it WORKS LIKE A CHARM!

0 thoughts on “The Positive Side to Having a Few Enemies

  1. Anticyberbullying (@acybercafe) says:

    This is a great post and very true. The bottom line is some people are going to like/love you no matter and some people (usually out of jealousy or spite) are going to dislike you. When others talk bad about you, they are usually covering up for their own transgressions are trying to defend their actions.

  2. cheriewhite says:

    Exactly! Gossips/bullies are masters at deflection and distraction and they need a perceived enemy or sacrificial lamb to unload all of their own faults on and to persecute.

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