Food For Thought

The Bullying Awareness Movement is a wonderful thing, just as it was intended. In the last ten to twenty years, we have learned so much about the inner workings of both bully and victim. Today, there is a wealth of information and resources available to victims anytime they need it.

However, be aware that bullies also read this information. Most do it for no other reason than to get abreast of the psychologies of their victims, then use the gathered info to counter any defenses their victims may use to protect themselves, tailor their attacks, and further torment their victims.

Just as criminals keep a very close eye on the news to see how close the authorities are to catching them, bullies also read anti-bullying materials and media to gauge their victims and learn everything they can about the “typical victim”. Once they learn the information, they can then tailor any assault to counter any attempts at self defense.

Although the Bullying Awareness Movement is beneficial to targets of bullying, it can be used as intel for bullies. Just as military troops would gather intelligence to know the enemy and win a war, bullies do the same to keep a foothold on targets.

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