The “Crazy” Label: The Easiest and Most Used Weapon in the Bully’s Arsenal

Good morning, everyone. Do you ever wonder why most targets who stand up against abuse are often labeled crazy by their bullies? Here are the reasons:

1. The crazy label is used by bullies as a last option when there is nothing else they can pin on their victims.

2. It is the most difficult to prove. If you are a target of bullying and you have the guts to stand up against the abuse, the bully may tell everyone that you are crazy and everyone else may believe it too. However, although there is no way for the bully to prove that you are, in fact, crazy, there is also no way that you can prove that you aren’t.

This is why the “crazy” label is just too easy to stick on anyone because people have a strong tendency to see the worst in others and the burden of proof lies with the target. It is damn hard to prove that you aren’t crazy, especially when bullies are attacking you from every direction and wearing you down. The natural human response is to react and defend yourself when you are being attacked and it can very easily be mistaken for mental illness.

I want to assure you that just because the majority says that you are doesn’t mean that it’s true. You are awesome in your own right! You are sane! You are a good person! And you DO matter and have value! Have a great day, everyone!

0 thoughts on “The “Crazy” Label: The Easiest and Most Used Weapon in the Bully’s Arsenal

    • cheriewhite says:

      Awesome post! And soooo true! I love the wording! I have known so many charismatic, smiling assholes. The smiles and charisma are only a facade of the evil which lies within. A smile and charismatic demeanor are the best covers of assholishness and the best way to disarm people, whom would otherwise see the culprit for whom they truly are.

  1. Anticyberbullying (@acybercafe) says:

    Hi. First of all, congrats on this wonderful blog and thank you for fighting against bullying and cyberbullying. Made a referral that you might be able to help with in regards to a few questions. Do you check your contact email very often? You should have received an email. Thanks!

    In regards to the “crazy” label. One, anyone who bullies someone else is the one who has some “crazy” issues. Second, let’s play the devil’s advocate and say that there is someone with some type of mental illness or have had a hard life and they act different, does that justify them being mocked? Of course not! A kind, decent person and group of people would reach out to try and help them.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I haven’t checked it lately due to having so many irons in the fire. However, I will make it a point to check more often. I totally agree with you about how people should treat the mentally ill. They already have a hard enough time as it is and I never understood why most people wish to make their lives even more difficult. I believe that any assaults, whether physical or verbal, against any mentally ill or special needs person should be considered a hate crime. And several people and groups are working on proposing this to lawmakers. Keep the faith and have a wonderful day.

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