The Harassment of Brandy Vela: When Bullies Cross the Line

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Good morning, everyone. As you already know, Brandy Vela, a beautiful eighteen-year-old senior at Texas City High School, has recently passed away by her own hand, due to being viciously and relentlessly cyber-bullied by internet trolls, who used her weight as an excuse to harass her.

Now, only days after this sweet girl has been laid to rest, her tormentors, the very people whom, DROVE her to her death, have taken the harassment to a new low…by torturing her family with online insults aimed at their deceased loved one!

A page, which seemed to be a memorial, on which caring people everywhere could post their deepest sympathies, had been created and looked as if it’s purpose was to honor Brandy’s memory. It was assumed that the page had been created by the family. However, after a few condolences were posted, Brandy’s tormentors began their attack, making downright appalling comments, such as, “…big fat cow”. Also, another anonymous commenter or possibly the same person posted a photo of a gun with the caption, “You finally did it! You’re a coward! You should have done this a long time ago!” A third picture was of a stick man holding a gun with the words, “Oops! Am I dead?” And yet another picture, which showed Brandy smiling, which was captioned, “My face when you shoot yourself in front of your family.”

What kind of person does this? I cannot fathom what anyone would have to gain from bullying a grieving family, and so soon after their loss…kicking them when they’re already down and refusing to let them pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and heal!

This is no different than attacking someone on the street, breaking both of their arms, then barging into their hospital room a week later, with a baseball bat and re-breaking the already injured arms as they lay resting in their bed!

People of this nature are the sickest and most cowardly of mankind and have a repulsiveness which knows no bounds! They hide behind fake profiles and screen names to avoid accountability. Therefore, they know good and well that what they are doing is not only wrong, but atrocious! It’s a wonder that a person such as this can stand to even look at their own mug in the mirror! They are truly the lowest of the low! In fact, there are no words!

Nevertheless, there really are some truly despicable people in the world today, whom are the equivalent of the black, slimy goo one would find in the bottom of a bathroom garbage can. And the sad thing is that they’re more numerous than we know and they could be anyone…the mail carrier, the next door neighbor, the teacher at the blackboard, the kind barista at the coffee shop, the employee of the month at your job, a few seemingly perfect soccer moms who have kids on your son’s team, the football coach held in high regard, even the smiling lady at church a few pews in front of you, who everyone thinks so highly of! And the realization of it is scary to say the least!

Because these people know that the internet cloaks them from visibility, they are emboldened to make the most despicable comments known to humankind. I believe that in most cases, they do it all for shock-value! And the more malice and shock-value the comments produce, the more entertaining viewers seem to deem them! However, they never stop and think, nor do they care that this hurts people and destroys lives! As long as THEY aren’t on the receiving end, it’s completely okay (sarcasm mode turned off)! It’s only someone else’s direction, in which the shit is being kicked!

This is why much tougher laws against cyber-harassment and bullying not only need to be passed, but MUST be… and with much stiffer penalties! Those who contribute to belittling someone to the point that death seems to be the only end to the torment should be charged with at the very least, manslaughter OR accessory after the fact.

And to stay tight lipped while watching someone being tortured is no different than watching a gruesome murder and withholding information from authorities! It’s still obstruction of justice!

The same thing happened to Jamey Rodemeyer just a few years ago. He took his own life because of being a victim of bullying and not long after, his sister was attending a homecoming dance at the same high school when the deejay played Jamey’s favorite song. His friends began to cheer his name, then the bullies, whom literally run him in the ground, began to chant as well and things got ugly really fast!

They chanted, “You’re better off dead!” and “We’re glad you’re dead!”, among other monstrous chants.

These are only two examples of the lines that people are willing to cross! And if you are a bully and you harass your deceased victim’s family after you helped send them to their death, then you are crossing a line!

My questions are these: Where do people like this come from (if “people” is what you would want to call vermin of this caliber)? What kind of parents are raising these monsters? It is often said that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and unfortunately, it’s frighteningly true! It is beginning to seem to me as if humanity has gone down the crapper! And has for a long time now!

Sure. You can expose the bullies, plastering their faces and names all over social media and even the TV news! You can shame them and put them on blast all over the globe! You can shame these people all…day…long! But how can you humiliate someone, who clearly has no shame!

It’s impossible! This might have worked during the nineties but we’re living in a different time now! It seems that no one responds to exposure and shaming anymore. People only respond to consequence!

In closing, I believe that consequences must be faced…severe consequences…and by a huge number of bullies before we even begin to see significant change.

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