Being Kind is More Beneficial Than Being a Bully

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I believe that the reason bullying is so prevalent today is because people (children, teens AND adults) are under the misguided rationale that bullying is cool and shows confidence and power. It is still widely believed that “bullies rule”, “bullies are glamorous, popular, liked by everyone, get all the girls/boys, etcetera, etcetera. And yes, bullies do seem to have somewhat of a cult-like following.

However, what if I told that these beliefs are false? What if I told you that bullies are less successful at life than their victims or the bystanders who watch the torment. What if I told you that half of all bullies end up being arrested and/or serving time in jail by the time they reach the age of 25?

Being a bully doesn’t look so cool now, does it?

You see? Here’s the thing. Bullies are called bullies for a reason- they thrive on the intense fear of others. Bullies don’t have true friends, what they have are followers…groupies, who admire them. However, these “groupies” are only hanging with the bully because they don’t feel adequate themselves and are looking for someone to give them validation. Also, they are afraid of angering the bully!

The reality is that followers and others around the bully only pretend to like him/her because they fear becoming a victim themselves if the truth ever comes out about how they really feel. They don’t freely choose the bully as their friend. Followers feign friendship and alliance out of fear.

Wouldn’t you rather a person become your friend because they truly like you and actually WANT a friendship with you and not because they feel compelled to do so in order to feel safe? I know I would!

I would want a friendship that is out of free choice, not one that is forced. Because anytime you have to force someone to do anything, it is never genuine but FAKE! Real, tried and true friendship with another person is always…ALWAYS a choice on both sides! Real, authentic people have friends.

Bullies only have followers…wannabes…minions…drones…TOOLS!

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