A Positive Message to My Fellow Anti-Bullying/Peer Abuse Advocates

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My fellow advocates, like you, I too have noticed that the progress of the anti-bullying movement is slow. I hear other advocates ask such questions as, “When are people going to wake up and realize that bullying is a REAL issue?”, “When are people going to begin caring about this epidemic, which seems to be poisoning today’s learning environment’s for children?” or “When are school officials going to start taking care of these bullied children, who are hurting?”

I know how you all feel because I, myself have asked the same questions.

Yes. Progress is slow. Yes. Most people, especially school officials, could care less. However, I want you all to know that, although slow, progress is being made and the movement is growing. I can see that it’s growing. Gradually, more and more people are opening their eyes and realizing that bullying is an issue that needs to be dealt with and simply cannot be ignored.  Therefore, we are making headway. But understand that change won’t happen overnight.

No cause fought for in the history of this country was ever well received by the majority in it’s infancy. It will take time, persistence, hard work and determination. Remember that the same went for “The Women’s Suffrage Movement” during the late 19th century, “The Civil Rights Movement” during the 1960’s and other causes through the years. It took several years for these causes to build momentum and eventually bring about positive change, but it eventually came to fruition. The Anti-Bullying Movement will be no different.

Though it may look hopeless at times, to get to the top of the mountain, we will have to walk through several valleys first. But be assured that if we all work together and persist, even in the face of adversity and ignorance, we will see change. I am certain of it.

There will come a time when the proper laws will finally be passed and children of all ages, races, creeds, orientations, beliefs, religions and backgrounds will be able to learn in a safe and secure environment…free to be and express themselves without fear of ridicule or physical harm.

Until then, we must never get discouraged but continue to fight for safety and justice for bullied children and teens. If we continue on with faith and hard work, change will happen. I guarantee it. It has to because we won’t give up until it does!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, everyone! And enjoy your four-day weekend!

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