A Mother’s Three Wishes For Her Son

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Twenty-six years ago today, after only 4 hours of labor, I gave birth to my firstborn, a beautiful baby boy and my life was forever changed. I never truly knew love until I looked upon this tiny miracle for the first time. I remember waiting anxiously for six hours for my precious little bundle to get warm in the incubator, then the nurse rolling his bassinet into my room at almost midnight that night because I would not go to sleep until I got to hold my baby. I was that excited! With that said, I want to wish my awesome son, Aaron a very happy birthday. I love you, hotshot! You have brought such joy to my life!

Son, as your mother, I wish for you to someday marry a strong, sweet and virtuous woman. Don’t pick a woman based on looks alone, because although a woman may have supermodel looks, it doesn’t always mean that she is good for you. All to often “beautiful” women are self-entitled because their looks have opened too many doors for them, causing them to be spoiled and demanding. Women such as these have respect for neither themselves, nor others. Marry an average-looking woman who appreciates a good man and all he can bring into her life. Marry someone, who loves and respects you as a man and one you can love and respect in return.

I also wish you many successes in life. However, I want you to realize that some failures are certain in life. My wish for you is to have the resolve to move past those failures and keep pushing with a positive attitude, no matter how adverse things look. If you need to take a break, take one. But do not, under any circumstances, quit! Keep pursuing your dreams with optimism and they will come true in due time.

My third wish is for you to continue to treat others with kindness and respect and know that in this life, there will be those who will not reciprocate that kindness. For kindness builds a great reputation and a good, solid reputation will be the weapon to protect you from those who defame you. Understand that not everyone will like you, no matter how awesome you truly are. But rest assured that it is they who have the issue, not you. Never let anyone steal your confidence or your happiness.

I love you, baby boy. And even after I’m gone, I will stay near you and you will feel my presence. No matter what you do, I will always…always love you and want nothing but the very best for you.

Love, Momma


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