The “Tiny Grain of Truth”-Another Powerful Weapon Bullies Use

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Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you are having an awesome day so far and surviving the intense heat. Today, I would like to discuss the “Tiny Grain of Truth Technique” and why it is one of the bully’s most powerful and used tactics.

As I have said a million times before, bullies are very practiced and convincing liars. Bullies have been lying and telling half-truths for so long that they have it down to an ART! Most bullies rarely tell blatant falsehoods. If they did, they would be much easier to expose and punish. Instead, bullies deceive by telling half-truths and adding their own spin.

The grain of truth is used as a starting point for a bully when he/she decides to defame you to others. If you are a bully, the beauty of the “grain of truth” is that it is often mistaken for the “whole truth”.

Also, anytime there is even the smallest grain of truth to a rumor, the rumor can be spun, twisted, and completely taken out of context not only to benefit the bully, but to cause more damage to the victim. And no matter how much a story has been changed and rearranged, that grain of truth is usually all that’s needed to make the story more damaging to the victim and believable to others.

Have a wonderful day, guys! And stay cool!

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