Victims of Bullying May Make Very Poor Choices Just to be Accepted

Good morning, everyone. Today I want to discuss the poor decisions that victims of bullying sometimes make as a result of wanting so badly to be accepted. I know about this because years ago, I was a victim and yes, I made some really bad decisions, some of which continue to affect my life today. At the time, I didn’t really know why I made those decisions. However, today, there is no doubt in my mind that the reason I allowed myself to get into smoking marijuana and having lots of sex during high school was because I was lonely from being bullied.

You see? Most victims of bullying have been bullied for so many years that they will do anything…and I mean ANYTHING, to make friends. After so long, the loneliness, the despair and the sadness becomes too much to bear and desperation starts to creep in.

Young Targets may try drugs, sex, joining gangs, crime and other things just to feel like they belong. Girls may settle for either a partner they don’t really love, or an abusive partner just for validation that they too can attain romance and that they are worthy of love just like everyone else. Girls may also deliberately become pregnant because they want so bad to have someone (the baby) to love them.

If you are a victim of bullying, I can’t emphasize enough that you don’t have to do these things to be accepted or to feel loved. There are better options.

Instead of making dumb choices, practice your talents and do the things you enjoy. Spend time with the people who DO love you. Give a little of yourself to positive others every day and I promise you, it will pay off sooner or later. You will attract genuine friends into your life and best of all, your self-esteem will go up as well.

Have a great day, everyone!


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