Bullies Consciously Select Their Targets

Good morning, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Anyone, who has ever been selected as a target for bullies knows all too well, the feeling of bewilderment, the confusion…. the questions- The “What did I do wrong?”, “What is it about me?” or “What do they treat me so horrible?” If you are a target, allow me to answer these questions for you.

First, you did NOTHING wrong!

Second, there is NOTHING wrong with you!

And third, they treat you bad because of something that is within THEM! Not YOU!

I want you to understand that bullies purposely select their victims. They know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Yes! Remember that bullies are nothing but sniveling little cowards. And they select anyone, whom they don’t believe will fight back. School bullies always select those they think are slow, kids with hearts of gold, who would never hurt a fly, children who are disabled, mentally handicapped or mentally ill, youngsters who are quiet and reserved and children who have what is perceived to be a physical flaw (overweight, underweight, eyeglasses, braces, or disfigured from accidents).

The only way a bully can feel powerful and that they measure up is to have their own little victim to use as their punching bag. If they don’t have that target, they feel less than and will go to the ends of the earth to find one. Bullies will often select other classmates at random to see how they react. If a potential victim stands up to the bully and tells them off, the bully will then slink away with their tail between their legs. They will then search for someone else until they find the victim who responds how they want them to respond (cries, ignores them, walks away, runs, tattles, etc.) Once the bully finds his/her chosen victim, then they target that person, sometimes for years until that person either changes schools, moves, or dies. Then, once again, the bully will be on the hunt for a replacement victim.

I want you to understand that the bully is actually a pitiful person. Only a lowdown, uneducated, sad and pathetic person has to have another person to harm. Think about it! They pick on kids whom they perceive as weak! They stoop so low as to pick on disabled and handicapped kids! Only a losery scumbag creep does that! A zero! A sick moron! So have the courage to call the bully OUT on these things! I realize that there are risks to calling a bully out, but do it anyway. Your self-esteem is counting on you.

Get it in your head right now! Bullies are gutless, pathetic pieces of crap…maggots…human filth! Toilet scum!

Here’s another fact, bullies are also narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths. Therefore, there is something dark within them that motivates them to bully others.

I’ll say again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! It is not your fault! And there is nothing about you that would make anyone mistreat you. So believe that you are an awesome, smart, beautiful person! Believe that you are a better person than your tormentors because you ARE! Never allow any bully to convince you that you are less than. Hold on to your faith and to your confidence and counter every negative statements a bully makes.

Have a wonderful weekend!





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