Targets of Bullying: Why You Have Every Right to be Pissed Off and Why You Should Handle That Anger Constructively

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Good morning everyone! I want to let you know that if you’re a target of bullying, you have every right to be angry. Here’s why:

Your bullies have slowly, over time, stolen your life from you. They have brainwashed you into believing yourself that you aren’t worthy of being loved, of having friends, of having a date, of having success and happiness. They have psychologically and maybe even physically bludgeoned you. Your bullies may have even taken away your opportunities by the lies and rumors they spread about you to keep you down. Because bullies not only sabotage the victims’ relationships, they also wreak havoc on their job opportunities, opportunities to get picked for a team or to try out in contests and other competitions. They have turned everyone against you, who would otherwise be your best friends and associates. Your bullies have in essence, sucked the life out of you and caused you to become a shell of your former self. You have been held emotionally hostage for so many years by bullies.

Isn’t it time that you got pissed and took your life back? Of course it is! However, you must process the anger constructively. You see? Bullies are waiting for you to screw up and sometimes, it’s really easy to do or say something out of emotion. And it can get you into a ton of trouble. That’s what your bullies are looking for. They push your buttons in hopes that you will react by doing/saying something stupid. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

Life is but a vapor and we only get one chance in this world. Make that chance count. Start today by countering every negative statement your bullies may make about you. Tell yourself that you are awesome…that you are a trooper and that you deserve much better than what you have been getting. Become a force to be reckoned with. Stand up and let these confidence thieves know that they are out of your life and they will no longer have an effect on you. Reclaim your power and do it NOW!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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