Kicking Toxic Friends Out of Your Life

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Good morning everyone! I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Today, I want to talk about the importance of giving toxic people the old heave ho and what it can do for your self-esteem.

As tweens and teens, it is only natural that we all want to be liked, be cool, and be accepted by our peers. However, when you are a bully victim, those wants can be hard to attain due to lies and rumors that bullies may spread, all for the purpose of keeping their victims isolated and alone. You see? The last thing a bully wants is for anyone, and I mean ANYONE to like you or want to be friends with you.

Often, bully targets will become desperate for friends…for ANY human connection with ANYONE their age. As a result, they may get involved with the wrong people…people who only tolerate them, rather than accept them. But because these new people in his/her life are not directly abusing them (hitting, shouting, name-calling), a bully victim may mistake this as a friendship and latch on.

And while the targets’ back is turned, his “new buddies” at school are rolling their eyes and talking through their teeth. These people are no better than the bullies. They only feel sorry for the kid.

These people are toxic. I understand that being alone is tough. I have been there. But wouldn’t you rather be alone than to crawl up behind people who only tolerate you? I know I would. Be selective of who you call “friend” because a smiling face does not a friend make. And anyone who makes you feel bad does not deserve the privilege of knowing you. So, get rid of them…FAST! You may be friendless for a time but I promise that you will meet new people and make friends. You are worth it! For now, just spend time with family and do the things you enjoy. Better people will be placed in your life.

Have a great day!

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