Bullies:Who Are They to Decide Your Value?

Good morning, everyone. I hope you are having an awesome day so far. If you are a victim of bullying, I have a question for you and one you should most certainly ask yourself: Who are your tormentors to decide your value? Here’s the answer.

They are nothing, although they desperately want you to think the opposite. Your bullies are irrelevant as far as you are concerned… sniveling cowards, who prey on those they perceive as less than or weaker than. Your classmates would never target someone with confidence because of the high chance of being brought down a peg or two. They absolutely despise challenges because they are intimated by them. The only way the bully can have power is to pursue a target who is EASY prey and only someone who is a weak, pathetic loser his/herself has to have an easy victim. Bullies are wusses!

So let this sink in. Your bullies are scum of the lowest kind. And you should ask yourself, “Are these assholes even on my level?”

These individuals do not pay your bills. They don’t feed, nor do they sustain you. Therefore, they have absolutely no authority over you. Bullies are NOTHING and you owe them just that…NOTHING!

Stand up! Reclaim your power, and let your bullies know that you will no longer take their abuse! Say it and MEAN IT!

Have a wonderful day!



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