Things Victims Really Want to Say to Their Bullies but Are Much Too Afraid

Good morning everyone. I hope you are having a happy Friday and looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Today, I want to reveal what victims want so badly to say to their bullies but because of the possibility of retaliation, are much too afraid to. Having once been a target of bullying myself, I can almost give a complete verbatim of the questions and statements, which go through the minds of every target.


“What have I ever done to you?”

“I wish I never met you.”

“I was doing great until people like you came into my life.”

“You have completely destroyed my life.”

“I’m sick and tired of your crap and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

“Get out of my life and STAY OUT!”

“I’m just as good as you are.”

“You have made my life total hell. Do you not get that? When’s it going to be enough?”

“So you’re so miserable in your own existence that you have to make someone else feel bad in order to feel happy?”

“Go to hell!”

“F*** you!”

“Get a life!”

“What is your problem?”

“Who are you to decide who I am or who I should be?”

“What makes you an authority to decide who is and who isn’t?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“We’re all the same. You are no better than me and vice versa.”

“Your rights end where mine begin.”

“You are such a lowlife. Do people like you actually know that you suck, or are you oblivious to it?”

“You may think you are on top now, but wait another ten to twenty years. Payback’s a bitch!”

“You may rule high school, but I will rule the real world.”

“I hope you get to work for me in the real world one day. Then we’ll see who the high man on the totem pole really is. I would hire you just to get the chance to fire you.”

I could go on and on and actually wanted to say much, much worse . These are only a few sentences which would go through my head when I was a target of bullying, so I’m positive that other victims have thought the very same things, themselves.

Remember that much better times are coming! Never let them cause you to quit, slack, or give up your personhood. Always be yourself even when it seems that the rest of the world is trying to change you. I guarantee that you will be a much happier and more confident person if you do not lose yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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