Message to Parents


Good morning everyone. Today, I have an important message to parents of victims:

Parents, I can’t stress this enough. If you have any love for your child and he/she is being repeatedly and ceaselessly bullied after you have exhausted all other efforts, enroll them in a different school and do it fast! Get them out of that poisonous environment and away from those toxic people! Though I realize that this isn’t always feasible, your child’s life and emotional well-being are at extreme risk and should take priority over anything else! Do what you have to do to protect your son or daughter! Whatever it takes, get him/her OUT OF THERE!!!

In todays’ world, however, changing schools may not be enough to keep bullies at bay. With the advancement of technology, bullies can now have access to their victims twenty-four hours a day and have a reach that can extend clear around the globe. The internet, text messaging and cellphones are a great convenience to have, don’t get me wrong. But they can also be tools for the bullies to reach your child, even after you have transferred them to another school.

Bullies have a sick obsession with their target. They are stalkers and will not let your child go. Bullies are fixated on their victims and nowadays, anytime a child changes schools, the bullies from their old school will find a way to contact them and continue the harassment. A bully is like a dog with a bone. They…will…not…let…GO! Not any time soon.

This is why parents should delete the child’s accounts, change any passwords and usernames their child may have used and have unlimited access to such information. Cellphone numbers must be changed. Also, all online and cellphone activity must be monitored. Your child may not agree and may even be angry because he will feel as if his privacy is being invaded. This will seem unfair and he will also feel as if he’s being punished. However, you’re not doing this to punish him/her, you are doing it to protect your child. Always keep this in mind and explain it to your son or daughter.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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