When Your Bullies Push You to Your Breaking Point, Always THINK Before You Act!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight it was placed upon my heart to share this due to shootings, which continue to plague our country. I pray that people wake up and realize that there are better ways to solve disputes.

Sadly, today, school shootings are at an all-time high. Since the Columbine Shooting in 1999, more bullied victims have let their tormentors push them to taking innocent lives. In just the last five years, school shootings have become an epidemic! This has to STOP!

No matter how bad people may treat you, it’s never okay to take a life! Never! There is nothing that justifies killing another human being unless they are in your home and threatening your life and/or the lives of your family. Murder is wrong! And there are better and more productive ways to handle bullying.

Here’s another thought:

Anytime you bring a gun to school and shoot a bully who has tormented you, you automatically make them the victim! I will say it again, “You automatically make the bully the victim! That’s exactly what bullies want…to be the victim in the eyes of others.

Remember that bullies are masters at feigning victimhood, which is in most cases why they go unpunished while the target looks guilty. Your bullies have looked innocent and vilified you in the eyes of others for far too long! Why then would you want to make these people even bigger victims while proving to the rest of the world that you really are a despicable person?

Looking ahead and delving even deeper, years from now, your bullies’ names will be engraved on a memorial in front of the school while your name will be regarded with shame and contempt. You will go down in history as a disgusting and vile monster while your bullies will be remembered as either heroes or martyrs! Seriously? Is this what you want?

When you make a decision to take the life of another person, you not only put shame on yourself, but also on your entire family. Once you kill someone, you can never rectify it.

You must think before you act!!! Thinking ahead was what kept me from doing something which could have permanently altered my own life and the lives of not only my classmates and their families, but members of my own family as well. I beg you…DON’T DO IT!!!

Instead, take care of yourself and make positive changes in your own life. Better yourself and accomplish goals. Do things that make you the happiest. It can be as simple as doing something you’re good at and winning an award for it or making an A on a test! And when you do, it will be the absolute best revenge you can ever take. I promise you!

It’s all about SELF! Make it all about YOU and what YOU can achieve! Gather unto YOU as many successes and happy moments as possible!

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