The Face of a Bullied Child- Destiny Gleason


This breaks my heart. And this should break your hearts too and if it doesn’t, then you have no heart nor soul and there is no good in you. What if this were YOUR child? What if this were YOUR grandchild, sister, niece or cousin? How would you feel? If you were a bystander who watched her get bullied, what would you say to her? What would you say to her family?

I look at this sweet, innocent girl and I am not only sad, I am angry!!! This girl was a BEAUTIFUL girl and she had people who loved her! She HAD A FUTURE!!!

I want you to know that bullying is not cute nor is it cool! Bullying HURTS! And if you bully another person, you should be ashamed and you need serious psychological help! Anyway you slice it, bullying is unacceptable and there is absolutely no justification for it!

Anytime a child commits suicide, it is a tragic waste of young life. Hopes and dreams for this child’s future are dashed and so many loved ones are left devastated and with questions that will never be answered. That’s what bullying does!

I think it is good but long overdue that awareness of this insidious epidemic has finally spread throughout the world. I too was a target of bullying during school, from moving to a small Tennessee town in the sixth grade until I finally changed schools during my senior year in high school. Only then, did the bullying end.

I know first hand how devastating this is for any young person. I feel the pain of these poor children and adolescents. The trying to stay strong and keep a level head when it seems that everyone is against you! Having to force yourself to smile when you really want to cry! Having to hold on to your own dignity with everything you have in you! The refusing to bow down to your bullies, knowing good and well that you will end up getting it worse for that refusal to bow! The intense fear that you feel every morning before stepping onto the school bus and knowing that the moment you walk through the school entrance, bullies will be watching and waiting for you and that it is inevitable that you will be bombarded with psychological and physical attacks! The desperately wanting the torment to stop, only to have it get worse!

It is a pain that victims can see no end to…a pain that those who have not experienced it can never comprehend.

The subject of bullying is my passion and I want to help those who endure this insidious, evil, and monstrous torment today. I went to school during a time when you just did not complain about being bullied. The subject of bullying was once a very taboo subject and I feel that it is such a blessing that targets are now free to open up and speak out against their tormentors.

I have written a book about my own experiences because I believe that so many targets need to hear my story. These victims need to know that they are not alone and that there are others who have gone through the exact same circumstance.

They need to know that they DO matter, that they ARE worthy to be loved, that they CAN make friends…true friends who love them for them, and that they DO have value in spite of how brutally their peers may treat them.

They also need to know that it DOES get better, that there WILL come a time when they will no longer have to deal with their tormentors and that they CAN go on to became confident again, love themselves and live happy, peaceful and successful lives. For anyone who wants to share their story, I have a Facebook page, “The American Alliance For Bullied Children and Teens”. Wishing you all love and happiness! My thoughts and prayers go out to this young lady and to her loved ones.

I ask you, my family and friends, to look at the face of this child and tell me what you see. Look closely now! Do you think that Zero-Tolerance policies are working? I believe that it’s going to take more than just setting up policies in order to save these kids!

Destiny Gleason, we love you! Fly high, sweetheart!


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