Never Chase Anyone Who is Blind to Your Worth

Never chase anyone who does not see your worth…EVER! It is beneath you and those who do not value you, no matter how ‘cool’ they act or look, do not deserve the privilege of being in your presence. You need to cleanse your life of these toxic people. You are better off without them. It is only when you have the courage to leave these people behind that your value truly goes up. Hold on to your value.

Always surround yourself with people who love and appreciate the awesomeness that you bring to their lives. Keep company with those who lift you up. You will be a much happier person for it.

Know that when you do this, it is not about being mean and vindictive, it is about providing TLC for yourself.

Wishing you all health, happiness and love.

0 thoughts on “Never Chase Anyone Who is Blind to Your Worth

  1. mattsnyder1970 says:

    Not always possible, especially in the workforce. But I know my problems with anxiety and depression have made me the toxic friend that’s been cut loose at times, and I’ve done the same. The people I want in my life these days have to be at least 75% positive.

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