Why Are We Afraid to Speak Out Against Radical Extremist Groups?

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First off, I want to send prayers for the people of Brussels and all of Europe in the wake of the Brussels Terror Attacks.

I believe that as a nation, the American people have slowly and over time, lost confidence, as has the entire world since the war on terrorism began with 9/11. Sadly, we have became a nation of wusses. Even several government officials have grown afraid to speak out against terrorism and also discourage others from speaking out, all in the name of Political Correctness. I feel that this country is no longer the country that my dad once served.

Twenty years ago, people did not care about being politically correct. If there was a wrong, we spoke out against it and no one blamed us. However, nowadays, it is considered politically incorrect to speak out against ISIS and other extremist groups and call them what they are…terrorists.

Where has our courage gone? Since when did we became too chicken to call a spade a spade? I ask because I have been on this earth close to forty-five years and never in my life have I seen so many scared and confused people.

The entire world is being bullied by these extremist groups, yet leaders of not only our country but of nations around the world choose to try and tip toe around these killers for fear of offending them. These animals kill our countrymen- our sons, daughters, parents, brothers, and sisters; yet it is getting more and more taboo to speak against them or their evil acts.

Therefore, my position is this: A bully can never be appeased no matter how much people may tell the person what they want to hear and creep around him/her. I’ll say it again! One cannot appease a bully! And any attempts to try will only embolden the bully to come back for more because people who are evil are never satiated!

The only way to subdue a bully is to confront them head on. Only then, will the bully go away. That’s what America and the entire world must do- confront terrorists, speak out against these people and do something about them. Bullies thrive on FEAR and terrorist groups are no different. ISIS, as well as any other extremist groups, are bullies and it’s time to take them by the horns!  While doing so, we must also realize that it may get worse before it gets better and get prepared for it. However, we must also press on and never give into fear.

We may never fully cleanse the world of these monsters, but perhaps if we take back our “testicles” and stand up, maybe we can lower the frequency of these terror attacks, mass shootings, and other incidences which have cost millions of innocent lives.

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my posts. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous week.



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